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4 Professional Groups Who Can Benefit From Automatic Heated Wiper Blades

Automated heated wiper blades are a relatively new type of wiper blade which combines the debris-clearing benefits of ordinary wiper blades with a unique, defrosting heating component which prevents the build up of snow and ice on a vehicle’s wiper blades. Snow and ice build up on wiper blades can cause a host of problems, including but vision impairment due to streaks of snow and ice on the windshield from the build up.
Anyone who lives in an area where bad winter weather is common can benefit from automatic heated wiper blades, whether they are a professional driver or simply an ordinary person who doesn’t want to deal with the hassle and potential danger that snow and ice build up present. Professional drivers can also benefit from automatic heated wiper blades; the following are 4 professional groups who can benefit from installing heated wiper blades to replace their standard windshield wipers.

School Buses
School bus drivers are tasked with carrying children safely to and from school, as well as school events, almost every day of the year. Driving a school bus is no easy task, and there are already enough potential hazards that drivers much keep a careful eye out for when transporting children on school buses. With automatic heated wiper blades, drivers can eliminate one of these hazards—the potential for vision impairment from ice and snow streaks on the windshield. This will also ensure that drivers don’t have to pull the bus over during transport to remove snow and ice manually.

Snow Plow Trucks

Snow plow trucks are often the first at the scene during and after major winter storms, but they are just as susceptible to the hazards of bad driving conditions as anyone else. Impaired vision for snow plow trucks can cause accidents and even fatal crashes, so the addition of heated wiper blades to their vehicles can help make their job safer. 

Ambulances and Emergency Response Vehicles

Emergency response vehicles such as fire trucks and ambulances need to get to their intended location fast, without impediment, and as safely as possible. Vision impairment or having to stop and remove snow and ice could be an actual life or death situation for emergency response vehicles, where every additional minute it takes to get to the scene can mean the difference between a good and bad outcome.

Delivery Vehicles

Delivery vehicles, such as regular postal trucks or pizza delivery cars, can benefit from heated wiper blades as well. Impaired vision is one of the most dangerous types of driver impairment, and delivery drivers are no exception. Heated blades will reduce the chances for vision impairment and increase the overall safety of these drivers on the road. In addition to being great for safety, heated wiper blades can reduce delivery times by ensuring drivers don’t need to take the extra time to get the snow and ice off blades themselves, or stop along the way to manually remove the build up.
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