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10 Mistakes Which People Usually Commit In Family Courts

Family court is a place where people usually come to resolve issues related to divorce, disagreements regarding child custody, pre-nuptial agreements and so on. However, family law is not a simple as it appears. There are thousands of clauses and sub clauses,which govern the way a case is settled and one simple mistake or one small false statement can create a whole lot of difference to the fate of the case. 

Here’s a list of 10 mistakes which a person should avoid while appearing in the court of law.
Do not lie
When you are standing in the court of law, lying is a criminal offence. The other party shall make all possible efforts to prove that you have lied. It is difficult to keep track of things when you lie and all these small things can have an adverse effect on the outcome of your case in the long run. Once you are caught lying then even the best family law firms of Brisbane cannot return you back your credibility.

Showing unpleasant behaviour in the court.

In a divorce case where your opponent is trying to portray an offensive and abusive image of your behaviour, you need to be very careful with the kind of behaviour you are showing in the court.  You might be provoked by the other party to act in a way which won’t be favourable for you. Keeping your temper under control under such circumstances is vital for the success of your case.


Arguments are usually done by lawyers when a particular point is being discussed or when closing submissions are being made. Under such circumstances, if you are fighting your own case, arguing with the lawyer of the opposition only helps to make the case of your opponent more stronger.
Asking irrelevant questions about which you are not sure of

In the court of law, it is acceptable, if you ask questions, about which you do not have a clear idea or do not feel confident about. However, there are some lawyers who have the tendency to ask questions which are completely irrelevant and uncalled for. Asking irrelevant question not only decreases your credibility but also creates a negative impact on the mind of the judge. If a judge or lawyer from the opposition intervenes, it would be more sensible on your part to wait for him to finish his question. If you can manage to understand the question and answer it accordingly then do so, if not then accept your inability rather than telling something which is not relevant  to the case. 

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