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Top Tips to Write a 5-Paragraphs Essay

There are many structures that are inculcated by people to write their essays. It can be the simple one i.e. Introduction-Content-Conclusion or something as sophisticated as the 5-paragraph essay. After all, writing an essay is an art. One website, http://essay-usa.com  can help you understand the basics of writing a 5-paragraphs essay. Let us take a look at some of the top tips to write a 5-paragraphs essay.

The Introduction

The first paragraph of the Essay contains the introduction to the subject matter that is in focus. The introduction section should also contains a few of the main arguments that you will be shedding some light on. It is very important to write an attractive and well knitted intro which intrigues the reader to read ahead. You must keep your paragraphs short.

Main Idea

The second paragraph is dedicated into the discussion of the main idea which is the most important aspect of the essay. The reader’s interest must be intrigued by adding some of the well known facts which pertain to the main idea. This will keep the reader active all the more. Once you’ve discussed about your main idea, it is time to focus on the deep explanations.

The Second Idea

This stanza of the essay must discuss an additional idea which should be in cohesion and harmony with the first idea. At times, students make the mistake to write and idea which is contradicting the first one mentioned before. That can be done in a debate and only when speaking in neutrality. The general idea of this third paragraph is to build upon a strong reinforcement of the main idea.

The Third Idea

The third idea shouldn’t be a story of its own. It should be short and sweet. It should lay emphasis on the fact that the previous 2 ideas have been correct and in the same fashion, this additional information can be further implied. It should not be the obvious conclusion of the above two ideas, but should be a strong point matching the lime light of the two mentioned before.

The Conclusion

As you have already impressed the reader with your brainstorming ideas, it is now time to put a seal on it and put a cherry on top. A good conclusion with a better content can lead to astronomical grades. You should well summarize your ideas here and give a future perspective to the whole essay.
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