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Splash Some Fun into Your Kids Room with custom rugs from Floorspace

It is believed that a spotless house is a sign of a wasted life. A child in a house is like a speck of sunshine which makes a house beautiful and brighter. When a child comes into a family, parents take a lot of time to decide and decorate their nursery and rooms. 

The job may seem interesting in the beginning but it is definitely not a very easy task to accomplish. 

 You spend long hours colouring the crib, painting the walls and decorating them with your favourite cartoon character and making every arrangement to ensure that your child has a comfortable time in his or her room crawling and playing around.

If you are concerned about the safety of your child a carpet rug would be a good idea. 

A lot of people prefer to lay carpets in the kid’s room or nursery for a softer crawling experience, however with a lot of kid’s traffic in the room maintaining a carpet can be a difficult task. Fine dust and dirt can get trapped inside a carpet which would be really difficult to remove. 

On the other hand, area rugs made from jute are much easier to clean, in case of any minor spills or stains. You can use machine washable new chemicals by a certified professional company every one of two years and have them dusted and cleaned. Floorspace Jute rugs are not only in low in maintenance but also offer a good alternative to synthetic carpet rugs which are not really hygienic for a child.

Area rugs just like carpets come in a plethora of design options. From toy cars to cartoon characters there is a huge array of different attractive colours and designs which are perfect for your little darling’s room.  Area jute rugs also provide a flatter surface, which is perfect for playing with toy cars and other electronic toys which can move around smoothly. Flatter surfaces also make it easier to get rid of dust mites and other stains while cleaning.

If you have grown up kids or toddlers who love to be in the playroom for a long period of time you can choose more vibrant colors like green, red, yellow, orange and magenta to decorate the playroom which would instantly capture their imagination.
Synthetic fibers are extremely affordable and are highly resistant to spills or stains.  And in the case of any emergency jute rugs mixed with nylon fiber burn slowly only in contact with direct flame. They have a self extinguishing formula which makes and highly safe for usage in kids room or nursery.
Floorspace.xom.au, by virtue of being one of the largest rug and carpet stores in Australia you can take advantage of their competitive rates and order a custom made rugs for your nursery or kid’s room. Besides the design, you can also customize the shape, colour and size of the rug and be a proud owner of your own creation.
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