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Design and Specification Mahindra Gusto

The design of owning an automatic scooter is steadily evident itself among the two wheeler buyers as obvious from the breed’s recent surge in market share. So naturally, now is the time to come up with an automatic scooter but well recognized challengers mean anything less than a top-notch manufactured goods would be treated with sheer indifference. The best automatic scooter is the Mahindra gusto.

            The unisex scooter is full of jumpy elements. The front apron is a busy place with a Y shaped ridge, contrasting louvers, turn indicators, and a silver insert that carries the badge. The kinks on the apron below the pointer and the V-shaped headlamp with incorporated LED pilot lamps further accentuate the edginess of the design. A long seat and marked creases on the engine cover define the scooter in profile. The silver premise is used for the fork, transmission case and rear foot rest. Mahindra’s engineers have located the kicker in a place that allows the rider to use it without having to get off the seat. 

Material Quality
            The instrument console offers speedometer, fuel guage, odometer, and usual telltale lights. The build and paint qualities are at par with the competition. The navigation grips are of right size and feel, and the same can be said about the switchgear. On the other hand, the silver housing for the instrument comfort and the surrounding hard plastic panel feel a bit cheap. A softer touch for the artificial on the inner side of the face apron would have helped too.

            The Mahindra Gusto’s ergonomics be worthy of a particular mention. The vehicle offers a first-in-class height adjustable seat which makes it an accurate unisex scooter. A back-hinged seat with a patented locking mechanism has allowed the engineers to locate the height adjustor right below the rider. It is to be noted that the seat mount can only be fixed at a fully low or high position, efficiently varying the seat height between 735 mm to 770 mm.

Engine Performance
            The motor induces a noticeable vibration at idling; the refinement levels are inspiring once on the move. In fact, the Gusto accelerates all way up to be speed indicated top speed of 92 km/h without any excitement. Once past the inherent rubber band effect of the CVT, the acceleration is fast enough to be called as peppy. 

Riding Capacity
            The telescopic face suspension and single-sided rear coil spring are tuned in such a way to iron out most of the road imperfections while retaining good straight line stability even at high speeds. Around the corners, the new Mahindra feels stable and self-assurance inspiring. The Gusto’s composure under braking has to be the single largest benefit of using better wheels. Aided by a set of clutch 90/90-12 MRF Zapper tubeless tyres, the Gusto doesn’t feel nervous like most of the scooters under critical braking. The fish-tailing and wheel lock-up are kept under check and you come to a standstill within the desired distance. 

            The Mahindra Gusto is an accomplished package. It has got sound dynamics, a zippy motor and refined and, numerous first-in-class features, and is high on practicality. Mahindra’s brand presence in the two wheeler market is still at a promising stage but the Gusto certainly has got what it takes to be a highly aggressive product and the starting price tag is indeed the icing on the cake. Mahindra is anyway doing all that is needed to improve their after-sales service in the marital market. It is focusing on its service network and dealer sales and under this expansion drive, has opened a number of new dealerships.
Design and Specification Mahindra Gusto Design and Specification Mahindra Gusto Reviewed by Jhon on 12:09 PM Rating: 5