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Chic… chic...chicken...peppy chicken

Before starting with this amazing dish with all the mouth- watering and craving of it, I would like to talk about cooking and I have a reason behind that too… because dish not only becomes tasty with what you adding it to or how much quantity you are adding but also on how affectionately you make it and that the main reason in all my writings I don’t mention the quantity. What I believe is cooking is an art to win the hearts with love towards it and towards the person you are making it for. A dish becomes more delicious and tasty is you add a special ingredient called “LOVE”. And with this we can make a yummy dish. A cook has never has to worry of the last moment empty bottle of spice, there are so many alternatives and we can all go for approximates. It is only when thing that should never change and that is love.

Every being should enjoy while cooking. He should let his heart out and feel it. I also think cooking just takes away ones stress and teaches us how we require combination of different types of people to make a delicious life…

So, all of us, be it any age with all this being healthy, being fit, being nutritious era going on around do think of fats, carbohydrates, in whatever diet we are having. And the recipe which I would be talking today about is highly nutritious, if one is cutting on its carbs should go for it. It’s all tasty, high on proteins and with all the vegetables, makes it colourful with all minerals and vitamins. It is an all- time favourite or the first choice of gymmers!

Chicken is something all the non- vegetarians love, all juicy and tempting. One just feels like grab it and rips it apart. Just by seeing the name one thinks it’s all spicy then I must tell you it’s not. It is mild in taste as it comes because the peppers used are bell peppers and paprika and they kind of bring sweetness to the dish. And tomatoes involved… muaah… it tastes all tangy and sweet and one of the best thing about pepper chicken is that you don’t have to wait much, it is cooked a lot  faster as compared to beef or anything else.

Pepper chicken can be made in two ways either you can make a stew or can make something like chicken stuffed peppers. It almost tastes similar.


And for that all you require are chicken, flour, virgin oil, garlic, onion, red bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, sweet paprika, tomato and tomato paste.

How to make it?

1.      Firstly, we are supposed to give a nice massage to the chicken with all salt and pepper according to your taste and then coat it with the flour, leave it for 5 minutes and let the chicken absorb all the spice
2.      In the meantime, heat up a pan with olive oil, add the massaged and relaxed chicken and let it fly from both sides and transfer it back to the bowl.
3.      Now sauté the chopped onion till they turn light brown and then add the brother sister paste that is ginger and garlic paste.
4.      Add bell peppers and continue it to sauté till they began to soften up a little.
5.      Add paprika in the pan and sauté it to every fragment.
6.      It is high time; we are now supposed to give our precious time to the lovely chicken, get it back to the pan with the stewed tomato, tomato paste and salt, according to the taste.
7.      Sim the flame a little till the chicken get cooked and bell get to tender.
8.      At the end garnish it with chopped parsley and now it is ready to be served and tasted…
9.      And after having this amazing chicken you would be amazed to know homuch nutrients you added to your body.

Per serve it says: Calories: 451; Total Fat Gained: 25g, in which Saturated Fat is 1g and Monounsaturated Fat: 5g then if talk about Cholesterol it is 60mg with Sodium: 254mg and Carbohydrate only 15g it also give you Dietary Fibre which is 4g; Sugar: 8g; Protein: 43g

Nutrition Bonus: Potassium: 310mg with Iron: 12%; Vitamin A: 25%; Vitamin C: 217% and Calcium: 8%.
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